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4 Simple Benefits to Ski and Snowboard Insurance


There are vacations you want to take, and then there are THE VACATIONS that you dream about! You know, the ones you talk about over and over, and have a folder full of maps with sticky arrows on them and exclamation points and circles drawn in sharpie, and a whole Pinterest board full of “Must-Do” stops while you’re there, right? If you’ve been working hard to save up for a dream ski or snowboard vacation like a lot of people, you may be envisioning the clearest of bluebird mornings – the sky is impossibly deep blue, and the freshly fallen dump of powder that fell overnight is bottomless, dry, and completely untouched. You are giddy with excitement to spend the next week silently floating in and out among aspen trees where the snow has no end and the pillowy feeling of riding is as close to flying as an earthbound mortal could be blessed to experience; the silence of the crisp air cut only by the sound of your breathing, the occasional branch rustling across your arm, or one of your friends whooping with uncontrollable laughter and pure stoke as you descend for mile after mile and then do it all again. That’s the kind of vacation we’re talking about.

So, what tends to be on people’s minds as they plan out the details? Sometimes it’s “How can I stay on budget and still have the trip of a lifetime that allows everyone to relax, have fun and not worry about the things that could go wrong?” As responsible adults, most of us get better and better at thinking about the “what ifs” and putting plans into place to make sure that if they do go wrong, you’ve got backup plans to get them right again. For example, one simple idea is to always carry cash with you on a trip in a separate location from your wallet, in case the wallet gets lost. In terms of snowboarding, if you’re a gondola ride, two lifts, a surface tow and a final hike up the mountain, and on your way down your binding loosens? You’ve learned to bring a tool with you so you’re not facing a bad situation. It’s basically, insurance against the what-if’s, right?

There are a lot of other things that could happen that are impossible to predict, but any seasoned skier or rider can tell you stories they’ve experienced or heard about regarding unexpected snowsports disasters. And you know what would throw your budget and a lot of your future plans out of whack? An injury. Not only would you lose your dream vacation, but you would have to buy a new ticket to fly home from the hospital outside of your return airline ticket date, most likely lose time at work, and the expense you’d be hit with for an ambulance ride or (God forbid) a helicopter ride to an emergency room would devastate many of us.

When our team started looking further into this, we found story after story about people who this exact scenario happened to (unexpected slope injury resulting in transport to the hospital), who were hit with crushing bills that their primary insurance or even supplemental travel insurance wouldn’t cover. So, we realized there was a need for this product in the US, and we created Safe Descents Ski and Snowboard Insurance.

Safe Descents provides you with inexpensive, simple to obtain financial support for when the unimaginable – but not impossible – happens on the slopes.

Here are 4 simple benefits for adding Safe Descents Ski and Snowboard Insurance to your “Must Do” list for your next ski trip.

  1. It’s cheaper than a burger in the base lodge – You know what we’re talking about – resort food is expensive! But for only $4.75 per day of your trip (pennies!), you can purchase $25,000 worth of coverage. We honestly don’t think you can buy a Venti Starbucks coffee for that price.
  2. Convenience – With just a few clicks taking less than one minute, you can purchase this policy for everyone in your household. You literally can do this on your phone when you’re in line at the lift ticket window, it’s that easy.
  3. Financial Security – Considering that an ambulance ride from a resort to a hospital can cost $2,500-$5,000, and a helicopter ambulance can cost up to $25,000 (yes that’s THREE ZEROES) and not be covered in your work health insurance policy, it becomes a no-brainer to spend less than a single $5 bill (that you most likely have in your ski pants from last year) to know that the savings you’ve built up towards your retirement, or to the new roof you need, won’t be gone in an instant on something that is entirely preventable.
  4. Peace of Mind – It feels really good to get back to planning the parts of your vacation that you’ve been dreaming about, knowing that you’ve got a backup plan in case things go downhill. (See what we did there?)

And finally, we know what many of you are thinking. “I’m an experienced skier/snowboarder and I won’t get hurt and don’t need insurance!” Well let us leave you with this food for thought:

The National Ski Areas Association found that the average person who died skiing on a U.S. ski resort during the 2015/2016 season was, a “30-something experienced male skier wearing a helmet who hit a tree going too fast on an intermediate run.”

“If you think about it, experienced skiers are the ones who are pushing the boundaries. They are the ones skiing faster, skiing closer to the trees and in the trees because that’s where the powder is.” -Dave Byrd, Director of NSAA Risk and Regulatory Affairs

Things can go wrong in an instant and affect you for years to come. Be smart, take care of your financial business, and then relax and have an incredible vacation.
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