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If the big health insurers were doing their jobs, you wouldn’t need us.

Regardless about how you feel about the current state of health insurance in the US, there is a demonstrated need for the coverage we provide. Safe Descents Ski and Snowboard Insurance is an additional layer of protection that fills in coverage gaps in the way insurance policies are written. Whether you have work-sponsored health insurance,

Safe Descents vs Travel Insurance

We are often asked, “Why do I need Safe Descents? I have Travel Insurance!” Safe Descents Ski and Snowboard Insurance is a specialty supplemental insurance policy designed specifically for keeping costs low while providing certain benefits that are typically not found in most travel insurance policies. We’ve eliminated the bells and whistles found in pricy

Avalanche Safety In And Out-of-Bounds

In the past decade, ski patrols and avalanche forecasters have watched more skiers and snowboarders compromise their safety and the safety of others to grab first tracks.