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Early Season Snow, Early Season Loss.

2017-2018 was a winter many skiers and snowboards would happily forget, after an underwhelming winter season in much of North America. However, the early season for the 2018-2019 winter has been epic so far in many parts of the country, including the Rockies, particularly in central Colorado and the Tetons of Wyoming. Even the East coast has been crushing it so far. In short, it is looking like it’s going to be a great holiday ski season.

And while many of us can only carve out a short trip or two each year if we are lucky, some among us turn our dreams into a lifetime of snowy adventure. Bindu Sky Pomeroy is one of them. An expert snowboarder, a beloved teacher of social studies at the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, and the guide for senior projects, Bindu touched the lives of every student who came through the academy in recent years.

Sadly, even the best of us are at risk in doing the sports we love. This week we were deeply saddened to learn that Bindu died Tuesday after landing head-first while jumping from a cliff in Vail, Colorado.

According to the Vail Daily, Pomeroy, 44, sank deeply into the snow and was unconscious when others in his group reached him.

Well known and beloved by his community, he was affectionately known as the “Mayor of East Vail”, and was repeatedly eulogized by those that knew him as truly one of the best in the area.

As we’ve touched on in previous articles, our on-hill experience and fitness levels can help us prevent certain injuries, but in other ways, being better at a sport pushes many of us to take more risks – getting out earlier before snowpack levels have time to deepen, riding certain areas where tree-wells lurk or dropping jumps or cliffs with landings you cant spot or dangers hidden under the snow. Or even- more realistically – being confident, fit, and perfectly capable – but your balance or focus is off for a split second, and all of a sudden you are upside down, and before you can recover, well…

We never believe it could happen to us, until it does.

Today’s article is not about selling you anything. As stewards of our sport, we hold it in deep reverence, and we want to protect the spiritual connection we have found within it. Our mission is to protect those who also find nothing better than silent turns through freshly fallen snow. A loss to the snowboarding and skiing community is a loss to the sport at large, and a loss to us all. To the Vail community, and friends and family of Bindu – our deepest condolences.

Photo source – Vail Daily News

Rest in powder Bindu – you truly led the life.
Check out Bindu Pomeroy’s incredible Instagram images here: