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Safe Descents vs Travel Insurance

We are often asked, “Why do I need Safe Descents? I have Travel Insurance!”

Safe Descents Ski and Snowboard Insurance is a specialty supplemental insurance policy designed specifically for keeping costs low while providing certain benefits that are typically not found in most travel insurance policies. We’ve eliminated the bells and whistles found in pricy travel policies and streamlined our coverage down to just what skiers and snowboarders at US resorts need.


  • $25,000 maximum aggregate benefit per skier/snowboarder
  • Full day of coverage that lasts from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm
  • Fully automated online purchase, policy issuance, and premium disbursement functions.
  • Field Rescue– reimbursement for certain expenses associated with necessary transportation from the place of injury to the nearest hospital or other medical facilities. Examples of expenses include costs incurred for aircraft or helicopters, snowmobiles, and dogs.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation– payment for certain expenses associated with necessary transportation via air or land ambulance or commercial airline carrier to the nearest hospital or medical facility.
  • Medical Repatriation – payment for transportation to a hospital or medical facility close to the injured skier’s or snowboarder’s primary residence capable of providing continued, appropriate treatment.
  • The cost of a medical escort to accompany you or your children back to your home in the event that they are unable to travel alone.
  • The cost to transport you back to your home, in the event that your original travel reservations are no longer available.
  • Expedited claims and payment procedures.

Focused specifically and solely on the needs of skiers and snowboarders at US resorts, Safe Descents provides the above benefits for our covered clients. Covered locations include skiing and snowboarding inbounds at a Ski Resort, or on a lift for the purpose of skiing or snowboarding, or participating as an enrollee in ski or snowboard school at a Ski Resort.

In addition, Safe Descents DOES provide coverage benefits for those injured in resort Terrain Parks and Halfpipes – which typically is NOT covered in standard travel insurance policies.

Q. Doesn’t my credit card have travel insurance?
A. No, not in the way most people want it to. Credit cards that have ‘travel insurance’ provide little coverage, but nothing in comparison to a separate policy like Safe Descents. Most importantly though, is that almost no credit cards provide evacuation coverage.

Q. How do I buy?
A. Safe Descents coverage can be quoted and purchased instantly online using a credit card. There is no underwriting period or medical examination required. You can get a quote online, buy with a credit card, print your email confirmation, and you’re all done.

For less than the price of a burger in the base lodge, you can prevent costly surprise expenses if your ski vacation goes downhill. Isn’t your financial security worth it?

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