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Seeking Ski Resort Partners Looking For New Passive Revenue Streams

Your guests wear a helmet to protect their head – help them protect their wallet, by providing financial security, peace of mind and developing a passive revenue stream for your resort.

What is Ski / Snowboard Insurance?
It’s not Travel Insurance – our coverage is unique to the industry and the only one of its kind. We are purely focusing on the need of the individual skier or snowboarder at US resorts. As experienced snow industry veterans, we realized the need for, and created Safe Descents as, a specialty, streamlined product focused on what skiers and snowboarders would need if they were injured on the lift or the slopes in the US – at the most affordable price, without all the travel insurance bells, whistles and expenses.

Ideal for Season Pass holders as well as day skiers.
We know that season pass sales are of significant financial importance to the resort industry. Safe Descents has created the only ski insurance product that complements your resort season pass products.

For only $4.75 a day or $56.99 a season, Safe Descents insurance pays the insured up to $25,000 for evacuation and transportation costs associated with an accident while skiing, snowboarding, or riding a lift within a US ski resort.

Ski / Snowboard Insurance Covers:
• Any costs associated with field rescue from the mountain at the ski resort
• Transportation costs from the ski resort to a medical facility by ambulance, helicopter, or plane
• Transfer between medical facilities by ambulance, helicopter, or plane
• Transport to their home in the event that their original travel reservations are no longer available
• Medical escort to accompany the insured or their children to their home
• Unlike travel insurance, Safe Descents covers skiers and snowboarders within resort terrain parks and halfpipes.

What’s in it for your resort?
Safe Descents will pay your resort a commission on each policy sold – while providing an additional benefit to your customers, providing a sense of security, and creating a new passive revenue stream for your resort.

Simple to implement.
Easy integration with your eCommerce shopping cart through our API, allows resorts to offer Safe Descents coverage as an add-on option at the time of purchase for season passes, lift tickets, rentals, & lessons.

Who Provides the Coverage?
Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, a member of Starr Companies and a global insurance carrier with an A (Excellent) A.M. Best rating.  ASSIST CARD, pioneers in developing assistance services for travelers with over 45 years of experience delivering immediate response for any eventuality, anytime, anywhere and for any reason.

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